Harry Potter Hogwarts Clock

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How magical would you say clocks can get, on a scale from 1 to 10? We’d have to say this Hogwarts Express clock scores a solid 9 and three quarters!

Magically moulded to look like the front of the Hogwarts Express, complete with the Platform 9 ¾ logo, this clock will have Harry Potter fans absolutely spellbound. Whether you’re waking up to train or hit the (rail) road to school or work, this exsteam engine will get you on track!

The actual Hogwarts Express might need a touch of magic and loads of coal to run, but this clock just needs a single AA battery. And, so that it has that magical touch, it has been hand-painted by muggles.

So, if you want a time turner that’ll have you waking to the world of wizarding, order your Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 9 ¾ clock today!