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About Us

About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business.


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Our story

Meanwhile in 2012
Friday Night .2012 A Geeky Boy And Girl Wearing Super Mario and Sonic tshirts .. Nokia Mobiles in Hands .. Searching For A Name of their New Instagram Business Account ..
He : I Need A Kuwaiti Traditional Word that anyone Can Use and Remember
She : Mtabtab
He : No
She : Ezqoumbi
He : I’m Serious here
She : Botamba , Keerimeeri , Kerf..
And that’s the Story of the Business Name
Proudly independent, we’re a small team of 80s and 90s nerds whose old-school obsessions keep us Offering quirkiest, coolest exclusive Stuff that bring those epic shows, movies that you thought you might never see again, back to life. As if we’d let that happen though…
We live and breathe this stuff
We opened our First Small Store at 2015 For Local Costumers At Alrehab Complex
ومع تكرار الاسئلة من الخليج والدول العربية عن الشحن لخارج الكويت قررنا ان نصمم هذا الموقع لخدمتكم وليكون التوصيل للكويت وجميع الدول الخليجية والعربية مع اتفاقنا مع شركة دي اتش ال ليكون الشحن الخارجي وفق اعلى المعايير واسرع خدمة