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Gamer Mug

8.500 د.ك

In stock

It’s that fateful sound no gamer ever wants to hear…. Wah wah waaaaaaah – game over! Luckily though, with this mug, when you see the words Game Over it simply means it’s time for another cuppa!

Unless you’ve got millions stashed in the bank or play games for a living (you lucky thing!) then like most of us, you don’t get to spend your whole day gaming. Mores the pity right? Fortunately though, even when you’re not glued to console you can still enjoy your favourite pastime with this awesome Game Over Mug.

Styled like a classic gaming controller with a handle on each side, you’ll feel like you’re blowing up aliens, speeding along the Nürburgring or carefully traversing ledges all whilst sitting at your desk having a brew! This slick black ceramic mug reveals its hidden message when you’ve finished your drink, exposing the Game Over message in a uber-cool old school gaming font. This gamer’s dream holds 14oz (approx. 400ml) of your favourite drink, so when you’re done – just return to start and play again!

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